The 12 Days of Patriots Xmas….by the numbers

Let’s do the 12 days of Patriots Playoff Xmas shall we?   Let’s look at the New England Patriots by the numbers both for the 2013 season and since Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been together.  And lets see if these numbers give us any indication about where the Patriots might be on Feb 2, 2014. So play the 12 days of Xmas music underneath if you’d like but either way, digest these numbers and my added comments and respond if you’d like.  Merry Xmas and a happy Patriots New Year!.


12 - This is the 12th season that Brady has been the starting Patriots QB (yes I’m counting 2001 when he took over for Bledsoe)

11 -  11 of the Patriots games this year have been decided by 7 pts or less (7-4 record.  They play to the level of their competition.  Not good.)

10 - 10 of those 11 previous years with Brady , Pats have made the playoffs (2002 was the only year they missed. We are spoiled.)

9 - 9th season since they last WON a championship. (Try complaining to sports fans from other cities that we haven’t had a Patriots parade in 9 years.  Like they care!)

8 - 8 times the Patriots have played more than one game in a post season run (2009 and 2010 lost to Ravens and Jets 1st game. Spoiled again)

7 - 7 of the Patriots games this year have been decided by 3 pts or less (6-1 record. They win the close ones because they are consistently the best team in the NFL at situational football.  Good coaching)

6 - 2013 Pats defense is 6th worst in the NFL in 3rd down conversion %. (Bad coaching. Bad omen for playoffs.)

5 - Super Bowl appearances (3-2 record. Last NFL team to repeat as champions.)

4 - Major injuries 2013: Gronk, Wilfork, Mayo, Vollmer.

3 - Parades. (Try complaining to fans of other teams that we haven’t had a Patriots parade in 9 years.  LIke they want to hear it!)

2 - Two advantages they have over other AFC contenders.  Belichick and Brady. (Always been deciding factors but is it enough this time?)

1 - Crystal Ball to figure out where they hell this season will end up?




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Cornholing For A Cause!

If you are looking for something fun for the whole family and just might want to support a great cause while you are doing it, then check out Matt Light’s first annual Cornhole Commotion.  Watch Matt explain more in the video here.  It’s Saturday June 1st at Gillette Stadium.  It’s going to be a great time and you’ll be helping Matt and his team change the lives of some young people for the better.  Cornholing baby.  Check out Cornhole Commotion.  I’ll see you there!

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The Matt Light Celebrity Shoot out is like no other charity event you have ever seen!  And the money raised helps change the lives of young people.  Matt is an amazing person.  His foundation is the real deal.  I encourage you to check out more about all of this and how you can help.

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David Ortiz. A $26 million Gamble Worth Taking

Risk and Reward

If you are one of those Red Sox fans crying over the new 2 year $26 million deal the Sox gave to David Ortiz, stop it.  You know better.  For an organization that is used to taking financial gambles, this one is definetly worth the risk.


Yes, there are risks.  Ortiz will be 37 years old on November 18th (we think?… gotta love those credible dominican birth records.  Btw is his name really David Ortiz or Fausto Carmona?).  Rarely do MLB sluggers get progressively better after the age of 35 as ESPN’s Gordon Edes does such a good job of documenting.  

But as Gordon also points out, take a closer look at Ortiz power slugging numbers over the last few years.  They all put him in the top ten sluggers in all of MLB during that time.  And the last time I checked the 2013 Red Sox are in desperate need of sluggers.  For a lineup that just yesterday was wondering “Where do we hit Carl Crawford?” they have also been stripped of Adrian Gonzalez and Kevin Youkilis and they face the impending departure of Jacoby Ellsbury too.

While the Red Sox historic salary dump to the Los Angeles Dodgers gives them tremendous payroll flexibility, it also gives them an opportunity to give this organization some new faces.  But while we consider who those new faces may be (Will MiddlebrooksRuby De LaRosaJackie Bradley) consider that having David Ortiz around to help this organization make the transition back to contender is not a bad thing.  Anyone who has ever met Ortiz , even just once, can attest to the fact that he is a WE guy as opposed to a ME guy despite the handful of times he whines about his contract in public.


The main reason Ortiz is worth a $26 million gamble lies in both the past and the future.  In the past the Red Sox have used their wealth of resources to invest in much riskier contracts than Ortiz:

And for the future, with new payroll flexibility, the Red Sox have now given themselves the opportunity to invest wisely.  Investing 2 years and $26 million in David Ortiz is a wise move and one worth taking.  

Now watch them go give $175 million to Josh Hamilton?

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Week 7 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire pickups.’s Billy Enright and I discuss waiver wire pickups for week 7 in fantasy football.  Time to get creative and play GM with multiple bye weeks.

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